6 Thing You Can Find In Tangkahan

The hidden paradise of Sumatera, it located in North Sumatera Tourism. Showing all best part of nature. It self well known as tangkahan. Come and visit this main tourism destination in North Sumatera.

1. Tangkahan is an interesting place in many ways. Interesting for what it has to offer and an interesting background. The elephants, the jungle, and the clean rivers are obvious attractions

2. What makes Tangkahan different is that it is a good example on how community based eco-tourism can stop illegal logging, improve livelihood, and develop a sense of pride amongst the locals

3. To join the jungle patrol, report to the CTO Visitor Centre and they will arrange everything, including the park permit (Rp. 20.000). You cannot go directly to the Elephant camp. A one hour ride in the jungle is Rp. 650.000 per person and hour. Only one and three hour rides are available. The price includes the park permit. The one hour ride basically follows the river. The three hour ride enters the jungle.

4. Sungai Musam is perfect for bathing and playing around in the clear water. Or just walk up-river, exploring the sights and enjoying the stream. Just float back down! You can rent a tube for Rp. 10.000 per day. It is ideal for floating back down the river. Ask in your accommodation where the butterfly beach is.

5. Park permit and guide are obligatory for trekking in the Leuser National Park. It is all available at the community owned CTO Visitor Centre. There are several treks and walks to choose from. Anything between so called family treks to advanced treks.

6. Tangkahan itself is just a few huts, but the two nearest villages, a few kilometers away, have app. 2.000 inhabitants together. The locals work mainly in the palm oil and rubber plantations/orchards. The 1st and 15th every month is the “rubber market” when the locals sell their raw rubber to the buyers that come and pick it up. It can be an interesting experience

Jake Simms
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