10 Top Tourist Destinations In Medan, North Sumatra

Welcome to North Sumatra Tourism, a province in Indonesia

Toba Lake
Medan, the city town of North Sumatra province, consits 14 regencies, such as: Samosir, Dairi, Karo, Nias, Simalungun, Padang Lawas, Tapanuli Utara, Tapanuli Selatan, Tapanuli Tengah, Nias Utara, Nias Selatan, Nias Barat, Mandailing Natal, Asahan, Tanjung Balai, Toba Samosir, Pakpak Bharat, Deli Serdang, Serdang Bedagai, Batubara, ect.
The Tourism of North Sumatra:  
heritage, culture, nature, maritime, MICE, culinary
and many more gonna make you wanna stay for a long time..... 
fell the atmosphere of wonderful Indonesia.

As an independent guide in North Sumatra, there are so many tourist always asked why some destinations in North Sumatra not completely described or even published by the government. For this one, I don't have much idea to answer. To full filled that questions, I founded an independent organization, it's called 
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By this article I would like to give you some hidden tourists destinations in North Sumatra.

1. Medan Tourist destinations
As the city town of North Sumatra, Medan is getting famous for food enthusiastic, food traveler. There are 6 place for you to hunt in Medan: Warkop MMTC, Multatuli, Kesawan Square, Merdeka Walk, Pagaruyung, Selat panjang, and ect. 
Now days, heritage become a global interest for tourists, Medan as the oldest city in North Sumatra has many heritage building to visit: Maimon Palace, Lonsum Building, Raya Mosque, Immanuel Church, Yellow Mosque. All these building still in good condition until now.

2. Karo Tourist Destinations
Karo is nearest regent from Medan, only spend 2 hours to get this place. Karo, the second most visited place by domestic and international tourist. Karo Culinary, has much traditional food like Cimpa and Tasak Telu. You can find all karonese food in restaurant. Lake Toba in different view of Tongging, Sipiso-piso waterfall, spots tourism in shore of the largest lake in Indonesia. Taman Simalem maybe the second choice if you wanna enjoy Toba lake in resort. Berastagi well knows as fruit central in North Sumatra, agrotourism develops highly in this area. If you are addicted in mount hiking, try to explore Sinabung, Sibayak, and Sibuaten. This tree mounts are the most famous hiking spot in North Sumatra, well known as Triple S.

3. Sidikalang Tourist Destinations
Sidikalang, Dairi is where I come from and got label as a tourism ambassador. LOL. Sidikalang Coffee, is the most famous culinary here. But anyway.. Dairi/Sidikalang also has the other side of Toba Lake namely Silalahi Village, you can see more than 30 meters of toba lake wave. Another interest place destination is Taman Wisata Iman Dairi, the only one of the most complete pilgrim destination in North Sumatra Want more? try to explore Sicike-Cikeh, a lake with thousand orchid flower, that reason why researcher give "The Richest Orchid Place Of The World".

4. Samosir Tourists Destinations
1st rank recommended for tourist destinations, you should be here!! it's a must. An island called Samosir is located in the middle of Toba Lake. You can find culinary of bataknese, heritage and history, nature and many others interesting more. Pussuk Buhit, a small mount in Samosir, believed as bataknese ancestor came from, when you stand on the top, you will see an very amazing view of toba lake largely. Hutatinggi, for you who wanna get a long with the ancient culture religion of bataknese, Parmalim Religion which was founded by Sisinga Mangiraja King. Many bataknese still embrace parmalim religion. Tuktuk, tourist village on a shore of Toba Lake, generally visitors spend their time here, a complete place, you'll find all about lake toba here.

5. Pakpak Bharat Tourist Destinations
A new regent in North Sumatra Province, adjacent with Aceh province. Pakpak Bharat is not too famous if compared with the other regency. As person who was born here, I absolutely recommended this place to learn about Pakpak unique culture. Pelleng, a traditional food of Pakpaknese, it always served in every single mores ritual. Air Terjun Simbilulu, or in english Simbilulu waterfall. An amazing waterfall in natural forest, many local visitors from Medan come to visit this waterfall lately, beside that you also can turn around to Une Waterfall (Air Terjun Lae Une).

6. Deli Serdang Tourist Destinations
Deli Serdang is the nearest regency from Medan, most of the people who live around this place is melayunese, karonese, and javanese. Danau Linting, is an unique lake, about 2 hours from Medan to get this place. Wanna enjoy fresh air, natural forest, and seeing flora and fauna? come and visit Sibolangit, here you can find some nice place such as Sibolangit Centre and Air Terjun Dua Warna, Need more? for you adventurer, try to explore the beauty of Deli Serdang hidden paradise, Lau Mentar Canyon.

7. Serdang Bedagai Tourist Destinations
Paradise for maritime destinations, yes.. it is!! Serdang Bedagai is one of the most destinations which I recommended for you. There are so many beaches like Cermin Beach and Cermin Ressort, Labu Beach, etc. An island between Selat Melaka and Serdang Bedagai, named Berhala Island., is a famous destinations in North Sumatera. Ecotourism is happening nowdays and here you can visit Kampung Nipah. A suitable place for relaxing with family or friends.

8. Tapanuli Tengah Tourist Destinations
Tapanuli Tengah, about 7 hours from Medan. A gate for sea transportation in North Sumatra. That's the reason why this place oftenly visited. But talk about tourism destinations, Tapanuli Tengah has a large of maritime such as Murshala Island, where kingkong film was made. Putri Island, Kalimatung Island, Bakkar Island, any many others more. According to the governtment statue Tapanuli Tengah has more than 33 island over the sea.

9. Simalungun Tourist Destinations
Parapat is the most famous place in Simalungun, one of 3 gates to visit Samosir Island. Beside of toba Lake there are so many destinations you can find like Semenanjung Unta, Siantar Culinary, ect. Kawah Putih Tinggi Raja is happening nowdays, many visitors from around Indonesia interested because of it's unique, natural, and challenging,

10. Asahan Tourist Destinations
Asahan, an very amazing place for everyone who adventur lovers. Why? Cause its not easy to get this place, need more than 7 hours to reach Asahan. Some destinations recommended such as Paritohan, a place for sight seeing. Asahan Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Indonesia Asahan River is a spot for rafting in North Sumatra, government always held rafting event in every year.

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